July minutes 2016


Clerk: J Coulson-Wright, 5 Dour Side, River, Dover, Kent CT17 0UX

Tel:  01304 820273   Email:  coulsonwright@aol.com  

website: www.templeewellpc.kentparishes.gov.uk

Minutes of the Temple Ewell Parish Council Meeting held on

Tuesday 26th July 2016, 7.15pm at Temple Ewell Baptist Church Hall



     97.Present: Cllrs C Smithen, G Mousley, I Dean, N Doherty, Mrs L End, Mrs A Worton. Mrs S Pilcher.


Apologies:  Cllr N Hamer, Cllr Mrs A Stacey Dist Cllr Rose, PCSO May.


In Attendance: Mrs J Coulson-Wright (Clerk) County Councillor Lymer.


98. Declarations of Interest

Councillors were invited to declare any agenda items in which they had a personal/prejudicial interest. None we declared.


99. Minutes of Meeting held 28th June 2016

Proposed by Cllr Mrs S Pilcher seconded by Cllr I Dean, the minutes were then agreed as a correct record and signed by the Chairman.


100. Matters Arising from Minutes of last meeting:

a) Guardian Security CCTV/Quotes Church – The Clerk met with Father Paul and Guardian Security to establish the church’s requirements and the cost involved for new CCTV equipment. The quotation to install additional cameras on the church building and millennium hall via a wireless link would be £1,549.00 + vat. It was unanimously agreed to write to Father Paul informing him that the Parish Council would be pleased to contribute grant funding to cover fifty percent of the overall cost using Parish Council reserves. Cllr Mrs A Worton offered to support the church by pursuing other financial options should they find themselves unable to raise the remaining funds. An additional quotation was obtained for the consideration of Temple Ewell Primary School, as their CCTV system is currently providing poor images and may benefit from updating. The Clerk will forward this onto the Head teacher.

b) Representatives Required – KALC & DWNF – Cllr N Doherty has agreed to become the Parish Council representative for Dover West Neighbourhood Forum. The Clerk has passed Cllr N Doherty contact details onto Shuna Body, Community Liaison Officer.  The KALC position remains vacant.

c) Parish Council Website – Eis web host provider have asked Parish Councils to wait until they roll out the new upgraded website framework before looking for other website services. The Clerk has contacted three alternative companies should the Parish Council decide later this year to switch hosts and create their own website.

d) Building Plots – Owner Responsibilities – DCC has confirmed that an online form that can be found on their website, requires completion if a planning breach has taken place. If necessary an enforcement officer will visit the site in question and take the appropriate action. The Clerk will complete the document on behalf of the Parish Council regarding an unkempt plot located within the heart of the village.

e) Ash Trees – Kearsney Manor Lower Grounds – The Clerk wrote to Kearsney Manor explaining that concerns have been raised regarding three Ash trees located in their lower grounds, that looked to have died and would cause tremendous damage to the properties opposite if they were to fall down. She received a reply from Mr Arthur Hubbershaw, Projects & Facilities Manager who confirmed that he has spoken to the head gardener and was assured that there is no reason for concern. Mr Hubbershaw has also spoken to Cllr Mrs End and reported that he will be asking for a tree surgeon to inspect the trees. He enquired if the Parish Council would consider taking over the overgrown strip of land running along the nunnery boundary. The Chairman explained that Mr Hubbershaw would need to write to KCC, as they would be the only organisation that may benefit from taking it over for highway improvement.

f) New Play Equipment/Grant Funding /Mushroom Replacement – The Clerk presented numerous play equipment options for consideration to replace the broken mushrooms. After much debate the Clerk has been instructed to obtain further catalogues focusing on wooden equipment and sea saws for discussion at the next meeting. Grant Funding is available via the Members Community Grant.

g) DDC Dog Warden/Excessive Dog Fouling – Since reporting the excessive dog fouling noticed on the public footpath leading up to the allotments, it has been confirmed that dog wardens will increase their inspections in the area and the dog waste will be cleared by DDC in the next few weeks. Reference numbers – 59060 & 59063.

h) Flagpole – Players Corner – It was unanimously agreed that there was no requirement for a flagpole to be installed on Payers Corner.



101. Public Contribution Time

     No Report


102. PCSO Mays’ Report

       No report


103. Planning & Decisions:

DOV/16/00791 – 7-9, Templar Road, Temple Ewell, Erection of a detached dwelling and creation of vehicular access – No objection.


DOV/16 00498/ Karnak, Kearsney Court, Temple Ewell, Erection of a single storey front extension and roof extension – Granted.


104. Reports of County & District Councillor/Committees –

Tree Removal/Parking, Green Lane – County Councillor Lymer reported that KCC would not be taking any action regarding the removal of trees & shrubs and subsequent installations of off road parking, Green Lane. However if any tree removal or vehicle crossing appears in future then action may be taken. The Clerk had received this exact information from Stephanie Wadhams, KCC a year earlier, and expressed her disbelief that nothing had changed or could be done, after hours of extensive work undertaken by the Parish Council. The Clerk challenged County Councillor Lymer’s report and asked if nothing could be done through KCC and since the Government had introduced the Localism Act back in 2011 giving Parish Councils more power to act on local issues, steps should continue to be taken to protect the village and prevent parishioners from randomly obtaining land, building vehicle parking and removing valuable trees without any permission or consultation. The Chairman agreed to keep this item on the agenda and requested that County Councillor Lymer provide the Parish Council with the proof that KCC own the strip land in question. County Councillor Lymer will speak to Steve Rivers and contact the Clerk with proof of ownership.

Stagecoach Meeting – County Councillor Lymer failed to contact the Chairman with a date to meet with the new stagecoach Manager, therefore the Chairman informed County Councillor Lymer that he will now be organising a meeting himself, as he is committed to keep parishioners up to date with progress and cannot wait any longer. 

e) Traffic Survey Lower Road/High Street –County Councillor Geoff Lymer will talk to Councillor Balfour, KCC to see if a report could be obtained without the Parish Council incurring a cost. For discussion at the next meeting.



Overgrown Pathway Behind The Church – Reported to DDC Ref No: PROW672066

Trees Back of Templeside Property – Bob Newington & the Clerk inspected the trees and reported no concerns.



Allotment Committee Meeting Held 24th July

Best-kept allotment competition – 2016. The committee felt that the same tenants would win again this year, and so unanimously agree that the parish councillors should judge on the following merits:

1. Most Improved

2. Best new Comer (3 years and under)

The allotment committee members will provide nominations. Judging in 2017 will return to all plots. Judges: The Chairman, Clerk & Cllr Mrs A Worton & Cllr I Dean.

Two tenants have been given notice to vacate after numerous letters to tidy their plots.

The allotments are experiencing excessive dog fouling and have asked for three of the new signs currently being made by RK graphics.

Ruts have appeared again on the pathway leading to the allotments. The Clerk will contact Mark Pennock. Concerns over the lack of a soak-away for the new car park recently finished at St Michaels, could be contributing to the aggregate washing down the pathway, when it rains.

The Clerk will liaise with the allotment committee members to review the allotment rules & update as necessary. All tenants will receive a revised copy with their rent letters, sent in September this year.


Footpaths, Highways & Pavements

   No report


  Playing Field Report


105. Correspondence

KGV Playing Field Licence – The Clerk has been contacted by Robin Rajanah, Senior Associate, Veale Wasbrough Vizards LLP Solicitors informing her that the Temple Ewell Primary School Academy is being transferred to The Diocese of Canterbury Academies Trust. Robin has been instructed to deal with the land aspects of the transfer and sent a new version of the draft licence. The majority of the licence remained the same, however an addition for the school to use the new play equipment during school hours has been included. The Parish Councillors agreed in principle, but the licence must then include that the Academy is responsible for 80% of the costs and the Parish Council for 20% towards the maintenance of the equipment, as 90% of usage is by the school.  

Dog Fouling Signs – The Chairman received an e-mail from a parishioner complaining about the dog fouling in the village. DDC are still not installing new bins, therefore the Chairman has commissioned RK Graphics to make 10 ‘No Fouling – Pick It Up’ signs at a cost of £98 plus vat, which will be erected throughout the village.


106. Chairman’s Announcements

The Chairman reported that Miss Bethany White & Mrs Kirsty Price have written to him expressing their interest in becoming Parish Councillors and presented their letters to the Parish Council. It was unanimously agreed to co-opt both, the Clerk will write inviting them to the next meeting and send the relevant documentation.  Mrs Bev Doble has shown as interest in joining the Events Committee, and will be invited to Septembers meeting.

There are areas within the village that have become overgrown with foliage, for example Dragon Wood (seating area) Under the bridge, Lower Road (KHS responsibility) and the alleyway from Templeside leading to a public footpath. Enquiries should be made as to whether the handyman would be interested to undertake additional hours. Discussions will take place outside of the meeting. 


107. Events Committee

Cllr Mrs A Worton reported that the rounder’s event was a great success. In total 27 players and 50 parishioners attended.


108. Clerks Financial Report, Statement of Accounts.

The statement of receipts and payments for May & June 2016 were presented to the Parish Council. Proposed by Cllr Mrs L End, seconded by Cllr Mrs S Pilcher and unanimously agreed.


109.Any Other Business


Cllr Mrs S Pilcher has requested that the white direction sign, Lower Road/Alkham Valley be cleaned. The drain outside of Leads garage Kearsney Ave is blocked (Enquiry number is: 230617)


The Bushey Ruff House was sold last year, the new owner has commenced developing the property.


Cllr Mrs L End enquired if parking on the escape lane located on Whitfield Hill has the same fines status as parking on a hard shoulder. The Clerk will contact DDC.


The Clerk will invite Jon Winder to the next meeting to report on the progress of the Kearsney Abbey renovations. The ‘Parks For People’ project has recently secured three million in lottery funding.


There being no further business, the meeting closed at 9pm.


Items For Next Months Agenda


·      Hanging Basket Refund.

·      Notice Board Railway Bell


Closed Session

As a result of additional duties during the last eight years, the Clerks hours were reviewed in a closed session of the Parish Council. It was unanimously agreed that as from 1st August 2016 an additional 2 hours per week would be applied, increasing the Clerk’s weekly hours to seventeen.