Minutes June 2016


Clerk: J Coulson-Wright, 5 Dour Side, River, Dover, Kent CT17 0UX

Tel:  01304 820273   Email:  coulsonwright@aol.com  

website: www.templeewellpc.kentparishes.gov.uk

Minutes of the Temple Ewell Parish Council Meeting held on

Tuesday 28th June 2016, 7.15pm at Temple Ewell Baptist Church Hall



     84.Present: Cllrs C Smithen, I Dean, N Doherty, Mrs A Stacey Mrs L End, Mrs A Worton. Mrs S Pilcher.


Apologies:  Cllr N Hamer, Cllr G Mousley, Dist Cllr Rose, PCSO May.


In Attendance: Mrs J Coulson-Wright (Clerk) County Councillor Lymer.


85. Declarations of Interest

Councillors were invited to declare any agenda items in which they had a personal/prejudicial interest. None we declared.


86. Minutes of Meeting held 31st May 2016

Proposed by Cllr Mrs S Pilcher seconded by Cllr Mrs L End, the minutes were then agreed as a correct record and signed by the Chairman.


87. Matters Arising from Minutes of last meeting:

a) Tree Removal/Parking, Green Lane – No further progress has been made regarding this matter. County Councillor Lymer had said at the previous three meetings that he would contact Stephanie Wadhams directly and pursue on a County level.

b) Planning Application DOV/15/00123 – The Clerk reported that this application has been approved by DDC planning committee, and that she has contacted Luke Blaskett, Principal Planner, to progress the ‘Open space provision’ funding for the village. The Clerk was informed that during the course of the application, central government guidance changed so that, at the point when the application was reported to planning committee, the Council were unable to require the applicant to provide contributions for Open Space provision (which in this case would have included the provision of CCTV). The applicant presented a viability report, which demonstrated that the development was unable to support contributions, in accordance with local and national planning policy.

These matters were reported to Members of the Planning Committee who, after consideration, voted to grant permission in the absence of contributions. 

The Parish Councillors were extremely disappointed with this decision, however agreed to proceed with the installation of new CCTV equipment for the KG V playing field, using the Parish Council reserves. The Clerk will meet with Reverend Paul and Guardian Security to establish the Church’s requirements and report back at the next meeting.

c) Stagecoach/Nunnery Verge Meeting – Cllr Mrs L End met with the Chairman to discuss the possibility of widening a section of Lower Road located along the boundary of the Nunnery. On inspection it was agreed that it would be too costly to pursue and would not make a significant improvement. County Councillor Lymer and the Chairman will organise a meeting with the new Stagecoach Manager to discuss the shuttle bus idea and a revision to their current timetables as both were raised at the public meeting.

d) Traffic Survey Lower Road/High Street – The Clerk has been back in contact with Amey for an update, but unfortunately there was still no additional information to provide, as discussions with KCC are still ongoing. Another Parish Council was recently advised that at present Amey are unable to undertake work for them and that they are still not sure whether ultimately they will at all. As such if the Parish Council feel their work cannot wait, then unfortunately other arrangements will need to be made. If however the Parish Council is happy to wait, then obviously there is a chance that matters will be resolved and Amey might once again undertake work for Parishes, but that cannot be guaranteed. County Councillor Geoff Lymer will talk to Councillor Balfour, KCC to see if a report could be obtained without the Parish Council incurring a cost.

e) Hanging Basket Brackets/Summer Planting – Wendy Boustead, Street Lighting Planned Works Team Leader, Highways, Transportation and Waste has agreed to pay £280 to replaced the lamppost planters removed by KCC last month. Two new planters have been purchased as an alternative and sited in front of the Players building.

f) Network Rail – Public Footpath Clearance – A job request to clear the overgrown public footpaths has been raised with Network Rail Ref:160622/000036.

g) Representatives Required – KALC & DWNF – Cllr N Doherty will consider becoming the Parish Councils representative for Dover West Neighbourhood Forum. The Clerk will send information about the group for his consideration. The representative for the KALC remains vacant.



88. Public Contribution Time

     It was reported that the village pump is looking neglected. The Clerk will speak to the handyman. The WI will continue to look after the trough. Supermarket chain Lidl has announced plans to build a new store at White Cliffs Business Park in Whitfield.

    A letter will be sent on behalf of the public and Parish Councillors to Dist Cllr Rose, expressing their support for Lidl’s planning application.

     The Clerk will contact DDC planning department to obtain advice regarding overgrown building plots and owner responsibilities. 


89. PCSO Mays’ Report

       No report


90. Planning & Decisions:

DOV/16/00630 | Erection of a single storey front extension (existing porch to be demolished) | 51 Temple Side, Temple Ewell, CT16 3BA – No objection


DOV/16/00559 | Erection of a single storey rear extension (existing lean-to structures to be demolished) | 46 Kearsney Avenue, Temple Ewell. – Granted

DOV/16/00498 | Erection of a single storey front extension and roof extension | Karnak, Kearsney Court, Temple Ewell. – Granted

DOV/15/00123/ Erection of ten semi-detached dwellings and creation of vehicular access and parking spaces (existing bungalow and garage to be demolished) (amended plans) Land at 191 and Forge Bungalow, London Road, Temple Ewell.  – Granted


91. Reports of County & District Councillor/Committees –

It was reported that the government has plans to cut back pharmacies. County Councillor Lymer will be pushing for Lydden and River to be retained. KCC wish to remove the lamps on Whitfield Hill County Councillor Lymer has opposed this and will be submitting a motion.



Cllr Mrs L End raised her concerns regarding three large Ash trees located in the lower grounds of the nunnery Lower Road, that looked to have died and would cause tremendous damage to properties’ opposite if they were to fall down. The Clerk will write to the convent head on behalf of the Parish Council requesting that they make the proper arrangements to have the trees inspected and any necessary works undertaken.




Footpaths, Highways & Pavements

   No report


  Playing Field Report

Four mushrooms head have disappeared. Although the play company has in the past supplied glue to re-fix the heads as they rarely stay on for long. It was unanimously agreed that a selection of replacement equipment be obtained for consideration at the next meeting. Grant Funding is available via the Members Community Grant.


92. Correspondence

KCC Introducing EiS Website Service Charges: In previous years, the funding to provide web and email services to Parish and Town councils was provided to EiS from central KCC budgets. We have now been informed that due to the ongoing financial challenges facing KCC, there is no longer the capacity available within the budget to centrally fund these services.  Unfortunately this means that EiS will need to recover the costs of this service from the individual councils.

The cost of providing the website hosting service will be £15 per month. This equates to £180 per year. The current email forwarding service will cost £5 per month. The annual statement for services from EiS will therefore be £240.  Monthly billing via direct debit will commence from 1st October 2016. 

A number of Parish Councils’ contacted KALC for advice, as the timing of this is very unhelpful as Councils have obviously not been able to budget for this increase. If a charge was to be introduced then it would have been helpful if Councils were notified back in November 2015 or if the recent announcement was to introduce the fees from 1 April 2017. That way Councils could have budgeted for it if they decided to continue to use the service. KALC contacted EiS and KCC on this issue to express the concerns raised and as a result they received confirmation from several sources that KCC will continue to fund the EiS website and will not be introducing a charge. They understand that EiS will be writing to their Parish Council clients to let them know. There are assurances that if KCC are to propose any changes in the future then there will be a consultation on any proposals.

As there will be an obligation due to the Government Transparency Code, for Parish Councils to publish a multitude of financial information online, the Parish Councillors unanimously agreed for the Clerk to investigate other web services, what they offer and how much it would cost to create a new webpage.

KCC Road Closures – Wellington Road/Green lane Temple Ewell – The junction from London Road to the northern junction of Target firs will be closed in August for carriageway surface treatment. The entire length of Kearsney Ave will also be closed in August.



93. Chairman’s Announcements

No announcements.


94. Events Committee

The Chairman called an earlier meeting held in the Baptist Church at 6.30pm of the Parish Councilors sitting on the Events Committee. Cllr Mrs A Worton was present, the Clerk in attendance. It was decided that before any future events be discussed a committee needed to be officially elected and therefore the Parish Councillors were asked to consider suitable candidates. The Chairman expressed a wish to increase the event budget to around £1,000 with the sole aim to provided one or two major events for the greater community to enjoy.


95. Clerks Financial Report, Statement of Accounts.

The statement of receipts and payments for April 2016 were presented to the Parish Council. Proposed by Cllr Mrs L End, seconded by Cllr Mrs S Pilcher and unanimously agreed.


96.Any Other Business


There being no further business, the meeting closed at 8.15pm.


Item For Next Months Agenda


·      Flag Pole Players Corner

·      DDC Dog Warden – Excessive fouling on lane leading up to the Allotments.