Minutes October 2016


Clerk: J Coulson-Wright, 5 Dour Side, River, Dover, Kent CT17 0UX

Tel:  01304 820273   Email:  coulsonwright@aol.com  

website: www.templeewellpc.kentparishes.gov.uk

Minutes of the Temple Ewell Parish Council Meeting held on

Tuesday 25th October 2016, 7.15pm at Temple Ewell Baptist Church Hall



     123.Present: Cllrs C Smithen, G Mousley, R Hamer, I Dean, Mrs L End, Mrs K Price, Miss B White


Apologies:  Cllr N Doherty, Mrs A Stacey, Mrs S Pilcher, Mrs B Doble, Dist Cllr Rose, PCSO May.


In Attendance: Mrs J Coulson-Wright (Clerk) County Councillor Lymer.


124. Declarations of Interest

Councillors were invited to declare any agenda items in which they had a personal/prejudicial interest. None were declared.


Cllr Mrs Alison Worton has resigned from the Parish Council. She wrote to the Chairman explaining that her personal circumstances have changed. The Clerk will contact Democratic Services DCC to inform them of the resignation and arrange for a bouquet of flowers to be sent in thanks for her contribution to the village.


125. Minutes of Meeting held 27th September 2016

Proposed by Cllr Mrs L End seconded by Cllr B White, the minutes were then agreed as a correct record and signed by the Chairman.


126. Matters Arising from Minutes of last meeting:

a) Guardian Security CCTV Installation Dates – KGV Playing Field & Church – The new CCTV equipment installation was planned to commence on Monday 24th October. Sadly it had to be cancelled, as the school was unable to provide a supervisory presence due to illness. It has been rescheduled for February 2017.

b) Overgrown Building Plot – Mill Street  –The owner has cleared the site. No further action

c) New Play Equipment/Grant Funding /Mushroom Replacement –Cllrs Mrs Doble, Mrs Price & Miss White canvassed the school children at Temple Ewell Primary School, to discover which piece of play equipment children would enjoy the most. Monkey bars were chosen and would add that little extra excitement to the current play equipment.  As well as being great fun they also have huge health and learning benefits. Getting to grips with monkey bars teaches and improves co-ordination as well as strength. The Clerk will contact Caledonian Play.

d) Notice Board Railway Bell – It was proposed by Cllr R Hamer, seconded by Cllr Mrs L End and unanimously agree to replace the old Parish Council notice board outside of the Railway Bell with a new slightly larger oak version, at a cost of £995 + vat & delivery. Nature Sign Design has been commissioned. The Clerk will contact the publicans for permission prior to installation. It was unanimously agree that the old notice board be re-cycled and installed at the Dragon Wood entrance of the allotments.

e) KCC Map Ownership Land Green Lane – County Councillor Geoff Lymer provided a map identifying that the strip of land in Green lane is KCC owned/controlled land. He explained that even though the land does not belong to residents, KCC state the land will be maintained, so keeps the KCC costs down, but the residents have to be aware that KCC can come along anytime to remove any additional fence without prior notice and remove it charging the owner who has crept their boundary fence onto KCC land. The Clerk pointed out that does not address the destructive and indiscriminate removal of trees and related vegetation. Nor does it address the building of parking spaces on KCC land without permission. If these spaces have not been strengthened to take the weight of the vehicle, the path and any pipes that are buried below could be damaged. The overall aesthetics within this area of the village have been destroyed and could continue to deteriorate if ignored. The Parish Council will write to Tom Gates, Chairman of the Highways Committee, Katie Stewart Director Environment, Planning & Enforcement and MP Charlie Elphicke.

f) London Road – Tree Replacement – The Clerk has placed an order with Wyevale garden centre for four small conifers, which will replace the few that have recently died. She has been advised it may be up to six weeks before they will be in stock.



127. Public Contribution Time

     The parish council was praised for clearing the pathway up to the church.

     KHS had planned to resurface Templar Road back in August 2015, however the project did not go ahead. The Clerk has been asked if she could find out if KHS propose for the resurfacing to take place in the near future.


128. PCSO Mays’ Report

       No Report – The Chairman would like to see more police presence in the village, and would encourage PCSO May to either attend the Parish Council meetings or provide a monthly report in her absence. The Clerk will e-mail PCSO May.


129. Planning & Decisions:



DOV/16/00975 Prelavica, 25 Park Road, Temple Ewell – Conversion and alterations to existing garage

to form self contained dwelling – Granted.


130. Reports of County & District Councillor/Committees –

No Reports – Outstanding:

Stagecoach Meeting

Traffic Survey Lower Road/High Street

Central Pedestrian Road Crossing



Cllr Mrs L End reported that a streetlight outside of 32 Lower Road is flickering. The Clerk will inform Highways.



The allotment AGM will be held on Sunday 30th October at 10am in the lower village hall.


Footpaths, Highways & Pavements

   No report


  Playing Field Report

No report


131. Correspondence

Pedestrian Safety Temple Ewell – A resident has written to the Parish Council expressing his concerns over pedestrian safety due to the increase of road traffic and faster moving traffic through the village. He has witnessed first hand ‘near misses’ of not only vehicles but also more importantly vehicles involving pedestrians and children attempting to cross London Road near the vicinity of the Railway Bell Public house. Due to the unfortunate road works along Snargate Street in Dover and the speed restrictions on the A20, it is widely known and discussed by the parish of Temple Ewell and Alkham that much more traffic is using the Alkham Valley Road to avoid these. In the last 3 years there were 9 road traffic incidents, 2 of a serious nature. In the last 10 years there was 18 incidents, 5 of a serious nature. 

There is no pedestrian crossing for at least a mile or so, with the nearest traffic island being some half a mile away at the base of Templeside. 

Alkham Valley is now a busy road that leads to the junction near the Railway Bell, and where a large volume of pedestrians are trying to cross the road (due to the reasons above). 

   Coupled with the fact that fast moving traffic is coming from the mini roundabout at the bottom of Whitfield Hill makes this area a potential accident black spot. He proposed that either a Puffin Crossing, Zebra Crossing or Traffic Island should be provided at the Temple Ewell convenience store (just next to DP Lead & Sons). The Chairman and Parish Councillors unanimously agreed to send a letter to KHS asking that they review the area and supported the reasons behind these concerns. They did however also agree that any review should include the bigger issue of the improvements required to the junction of the Alkham Valley/ London Road and reinforce the need for traffic lights which have always been the first option and would certainly allow for a pedestrian crossing.  The Clerk will write to Richard heaps, Schemes Project Engineer KHS.

   DDC – BT Consultation – Dover District Council has been asked to provide feedback to BT on their proposal to remove payphone boxes in the District. Temple Ewell’s phone box is in working order and situated next to the village defibrillator and so it was unanimously agreed to adopt the phone box for £1.


132. Chairman’s Announcements

The Chairman wrote to Park Lane South East Ltd, expressing the extreme disappointment of the Parish Council for their recent actions in relation to the development of land at 191 and Forge Bungalow, however no reply has been received. A further letter will be sent.


133. Events Committee

The Chairman read the Events Committee minutes, held on Tuesday 18th October, updating the Parish Councillors on the progress of the Christmas Light Switch event. The next meeting will take place on Tuesday 1st November 6pm in the Baptist Church.


134. Clerks Financial Report, Statement of Accounts.

The statement of receipts and payments for September 2016 were presented to the Parish Council. Proposed by Cllr Mrs L End, seconded by Cllr Mr R Hamer and unanimously agreed.


135.Any Other Business

Cllr Mrs B White enquired if the Parish Councillors were interested in setting up a Facebook page. Councillors felt that social media could be a positive tool and agree for her to start looking into how to create a community page. The Clerk will establish the legal requirements governing Parish Councils and will ensure that a policy and protocol is in place before the site is launched.


There being no further business, the meeting closed at 8.25pm.