March minutes 2015


Clerk: J Coulson-Wright, 5 Dour Side, River, Dover, Kent CT17 0UX

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Minutes of the Temple Ewell Parish Council Meeting held on

Tuesday 31st March 2015, 7.15pm at Temple Ewell Baptist Church Hall




933.Present: Cllrs C Smithen (Chairman) G Mousley, I Dean, R Hamer, N Doherty, Mrs S Pilcher, Mrs A Worton, Mrs A Stacey, Mrs L End, Mrs A Newman.


       Apologies: PCSO May


       In Attendance: Mrs J Coulson-Wright (Parish Clerk) Dist Cllr Lymer.


934. Declarations of Interest

Councillors were invited to declare any agenda items in which they had a personal/prejudicial interest. None were declared.


935. Minutes of Meeting held 24th February 2015

Proposed by Cllr I Dean seconded by Cllr Mrs S Pilcher, the minutes were then agreed as a correct record and signed by the Chairman.


936. Matters Arising from Minutes of last meeting:

 New Play Equipment  – The installation of the new play equipment commenced on Monday 9th March and took four days to complete. The Clerk and Chairman attended the site daily and the project has been a success. The events committee has confirmed that the arrangements for the official unveiling celebrations will take place on the King George V playing field on Wednesday 1st April at 3.30pm.
Handyman Job Vacancy – The Chairman interviewed candidates for the Handyman vacancy and appointed Mr Barrie Robinson. Mr John Wright will complete a handover on Monday 6th April. An article will be placed in the village newsletter, introducing Barrie to the village.
Informative Board Dragon Wood – It was decided at the previous meeting that the A1 size oak Salmesbury Hall board which included a lockable notice board be ordered, costing in the region of £1,650. The Clerk has been advised that there is an 8-10 week timeline for delivery. Bob Newington has agreed to supply an informative description of Dragon Wood for inclusion in the graphics. A proportion of the funds will come from last years Dragon Wood Community grant and the remainder from the Parish Councils reserves which had been ring fenced for the new play equipment project. As the project has come in slightly under budget, there will be allocated money available, the precept will remain untouched.
Grass Verge, London Road – After much debate the Parish Councillors have agreed that large shrubs be planted on the grass verge to prevent cars from parking inappropriately. If however this option does not solve the problem, then an alternative solution will be sought i.e. bollards or verge/hatching. County Councillor Lymer has confirmed that he will fund the shrubs from his highways grant.
Annual Parish Meeting Speaker – Mr John River has confirmed that he will deliver a presentation on public access Semi Automatic External Defibrillators at this year’s APM, which will be held on Tuesday 7th April, 7pm at the Baptist Church.
Wellington Road Parking – The Clerk contacted Kent County Council regarding parking concerns on Wellington Road and the lack of parking highlighted by a parishioner for the Temple Ewell Nursing Home.  KCC explained that as the nursing home was privately run they held no legal interest in the property and advised that DDC be contacted. The Clerk spoke with the planning department at DDC and was advised that development control may have the necessary information. An E-mail was sent to development control on 31st March, requesting copies of the following planning applications – 85/0977, 88/1168, 96/0806. These should provide details of the homes parking allocation.
BT Telephone Box – BT has been made aware that the public telephone box on London Road is broken and requires attention. An engineer will attend the site within the next 7 working days – Ref no – ND8KEL0S
Village Flower Beds – Cllr Mrs A Stacey enquired if it were possible to install a few new flowerbeds on the grass verge opposite players corner. The Chairman informed her that the land in question belonged to KHS and was not the Parish Councils, however he has asked the handyman to come up with ideas on how to improve the aesthetics of the village.

Public Footpath Templeside – The public footpath running along the back of Templeside properties has become blocked by a fallen tree & is impassable. KCC has been informed – Ref no – 155034.

Green Lane – Street Light – A broken street light located outside of the children’s home, Green Lane has been reported to KHS – Ref no – 151338.



937.Public Contribution Time

    Bushes and shrubs situated on the London Road are trailing approximately four foot onto the highway. The Clerk will inspect the area, take photographs and send to KHS.


 938. PCSO Mays’ Report

Fr Paul spoke to Cllr N Doherty informing him that he was faced with a very disturbing incident outside of the church recently. Spread outside of the church were empty beer cans, signs of cannabis and human excrement on the benches. Fr Paul  has asked that people call around to the church more often as the church is open daily. The Clerk has informed PCSO May.


 939. Planning & Decisions:

DOV/15/00258 | Installation of weatherboard cladding to exterior elevations | 1 Brookside,Temple Ewell, CT16 3DT – The parish councillors requested that more information be obtained regarding the colour of the cladding before a decision be submitted to DDC.

It was then agreed a week later that the following statement be sent – The parish council objects to this proposal, as coloured style cladding is unlikely to be appropriate in relation to the more traditional local styles and materials found within the conservation area and can be highly visually intrusive and 'alien' in the natural landscape setting. Cladding the entire property when only half a building is affected (semi-detached) could look very odd.

    To note decisions made by DDC:



940. Reports of District Councillor/Committees –

       Dist Cllr Lymer reported that he has received an e-mail from Keith Watson. Mr Waston explained that he does recall the lighting column being removed by DDC from the Dragon



       Wood car park as it was deemed unsafe and DDC under dangerous structures were obliged to act upon and remove. However this doesn't necessarily mean that KCC are responsible for the column.

       The land that was sold by DDC was only the area developed facing London Road, it was nothing to do with private car park to the rear.

       All he could report was that the land / car park to the rear is private and therefore DDC are not legally required to provide lighting in George and Dragon Place. They have no official record of DDC installing this lighting in the first instance and because they are not the main lighting authority they have no intentions of including further lighting.  He understands that this is not the answer the parish council was hoping for, however if the Parish Council feel strongly about replacing this lantern he would suggest the possibility of the PC funding this.   

       The Clerk also received a copy of this e-mail and immediately sent County Councillor Lymer a copy of a letter from Keith Watson dated 16th January 2013, confirming that KCC were in-fact responsible for 6 street lighting columns (GLCS 101- 106) in George & Dragons place and that column GLCS106 would be replaced by KCC.

       The Chairman explained that responsibility for this light was proven and accepted by KCC two years ago.  Since then the parish council has simply been waiting for some action to replace the unit.  If it had belonged to the PC it would have been replaced long ago.

The Chairman is not prepared to accept that it is for the PC or local residents to replace the unit as they have never paid an invoice for energy consumed by lighting, if it were the parish councils, they would have been guilty of misappropriating electricity.

The lamp column belongs to the KCC and, if it is not renewed within the next 4 weeks (say, by the date of the election) he will have no hesitation in referring this whole sorry saga to the media, both local and national.  Localism is one thing but passing off all responsibilities is quite another.




Historic Village Notice board –The graphics for the village historic sign has now been received. The Parish Council has given DDC the authority to go ahead with the restoration.





New tenancies have been granted for four keen gardeners. This year’s season has started with no vacant allotments. A leak identified with one of the water butts has been mended by Mr Pennock and a faulty stopcock has been reported to Affinity water, which will be replaced in the next two weeks.








Footpaths, Highways & Pavements

     Cllr Mrs A Newman reported that the residents of Downhill Close have made a complaint about a  nasty bonfire which engulfed their gardens a few weeks ago. It was establish the bonfire came from the allotments. The Clerk explained that bonfires on the allotments must be restricted to the burning of garden rubbish only. No toxic materials are to be burnt, she will speak to the allotment manager.

     Potholes that have recently been repaired within the last few weeks are re-appearing on Templeside/London Road. Photos will be taken and sent to KHS.


     Playing Field Report

     No Report


  941. Correspondence

DDC – Bin It To Win It –

Following the launch of the ‘Pick It, Bin It, Win It’ campaign in the Dover Town area in February, the first winner has been selected in the innovative new scheme that rewards people for disposing of litter responsibly and clearing up after their dogs. This new scheme is in addition to DDC’s robust approach to enforcement.


Dover District Council is working in partnership with Dover Town Council to trial the incentive scheme. People seen disposing of litter responsibly, or picking up after their pets are being rewarded with a post card, which allows that person to enter a monthly prize draw, and gives them the chance to win a £25 ‘Love to Shop’ voucher.

Cllr Nicholas Kenton, DDC Cabinet Member for Environment said: “We are delighted to trial this campaign and congratulate the first winner. DDC continues to work with all our partners to encourage people to pick up after their pets, and to put rubbish in the bin. As well as continuing to prosecute those who drop litter, we also want to support education and reward those who act responsibly. We are pleased to work with partners on this scheme, and thank the Town Council for funding the vouchers.”



942.Chairman’s Announcements

The next four-yearly elections of members of Town and Parish Councils are on 7 May 2015.  All parish councillors wishing to seek re-election will need to complete a nomination pack.

These packs will be available for collection from Monday 16th March at the Dover District Council offices main reception desk. They will need to be completed and returned no later than 4pm on 9th April. Prior to returning your completed form, please contact, Electoral Services on 01304 – 872344 or 01304 – 872271 to make an appointment with one of their team who will ensure that your form has been completed correctly.

Forms MUST be returned by hand to an electoral services officer. Nomination papers must NOT be left with reception staff, receipt is defined by handing to a member of the Electoral Services team. You are encouraged to deliver your nomination early to allow time for any

     amendments that may be needed.


As it is an election year, the May AGM has to be legally held within two weeks of when the election was held (due on 7th May), therefore the AGM will be held this year on Tuesday 19th May. As a result it was unanimously agreed not to hold a meeting on 28th April



943.Events Committee

 As above – Official unveiling of the new play equipment.


  944. Clerks Financial Report, Statement of Accounts.

  The statements of receipts & payments for February & March 2015 will be presented to the Council at the next meeting. 


    945. Any Other Business

Cllr Mrs A Newman raised concerns regarding fly tipping in Green Lane that is coming from a property in Target Firs, a tree has also been removed. The Clerk will visit the site and if required liaise with the necessary authorities.  


The new oak parish council notice board will be installed by the end of May/early June. The old metal notice boards will be re-cycled and given to the allotments.


There being no further business, the meeting closed at 8.35pm.