May AGM Minutes 2016


Clerk: J Coulson-Wright, 5 Dour Side, River, Dover, Kent CT17 0UX

Tel:  01304 820273   Email:  


Minutes of the Temple Ewell Parish Council Meeting held on

Tuesday 31st May 2016, 7.15pm at Temple Ewell Baptist Church Hall


     67.Present: Cllrs C Smithen, G Mousley, I Dean, Mrs L End, Mrs A Worton. Mrs S Pilcher.


Apologies:  Cllr N Hamer, Cllr N Doherty, Mrs A Stacey. County Councillor Lymer, PCSO May.


In Attendance: Dist Cllr Rose, Mrs J Coulson-Wright (Clerk)


68.Election of Chairman & Vice-Chairman

Chairman: Cllr Smithen nominated by Cllr Mrs L End seconded by Cllr Mrs A Worton. There were no other nominations and Cllr Smithen was elected. The Chairman signed the Declaration of Acceptance of Office.

Vice-Chairman: Cllr G Mousley nominated by Cllr Mrs L End, seconded by Cllr Mrs S Pilcher. No other nominations Cllr Mousley was elected.

69.Election of Committees

Finance Committee – Cllrs Smithen, Mousley, Pilcher, Stacey

Events Committee – Cllrs Smithen,  Mousley, Worton – Non Councillors: Mrs Grayson, Mrs Sacker, Mrs Miles, Mrs Holness, Mrs Lomas.

Proposed en bloc by Cllr Smithen, seconded by Cllr Mousley & elected.

NB: Chairman and Vice-Chairman automatically sit on all committees ex-officio.

70.Election of Representatives to Outside Groups:


Allotments – Clerk

Parish Village Hall – Cllr R Hamer

Dover West Neighbourhood Forum – TBC

Proposed en bloc by Cllr Smithen, seconded by Cllr Mousley & elected.

NB: Chairman and Vice-Chairman automatically sit on all committees ex-officio.


71.Dates for 2016 and 2017 Parish Council, Budget & Annual Parish Meeting:

Last Tuesday of the month for Parish Council meetings held at 7.15pm at the Baptist Church Hall: May 31, June 28, July 26. No meeting in August. September 27, October 25, November 29. No meeting in December – 2017: January 31, February 28, March 28.


Finance Committee for the budget preparation: Tuesday 8th November 2016

Annual Parish Meeting: Tuesday 25th April 2017 (No monthly meeting)

Parish Council AGM: Tuesday 30th May 2017

The above dates were propsed en bloc by Cllr Smithen, seconded by cllr G Mousley and agreed.





72. Declarations of Interest

Councillors were invited to declare any agenda items in which they had a personal/prejudicial interest. None we declared.


73. Minutes of Meeting held 29th March 2016

Proposed by Cllr Mrs A Worton seconded by Cllr Mrs L End, the minutes were then agreed as a correct record and signed by the Chairman.


74. Matters Arising from Minutes of last meeting:

a) Tree Removal/Parking, Green Lane – No further progress has been made regarding this matter. County Councillor Lymer had said at the previous two meetings that he would contact Stephanie Wadhams directly and pursue on a County level.

b) Planning Application DOV/15/00123 – The Clerk reported that this application had now gone to the DDC planning committee for consideration. 

c) Annual Parish Meeting – The Chairman read out an e-mail received from Richard Heaps and reported that since the public meeting he has been in touch with the Kent County Council concerning the various traffic management proposals put forward, but regrettably their response was very negative.  Not only is the County Council unable to fund any improvement measures, it appears that money is so short that they are unable even to carry out any research.  Thus, it is down to the Parish Council, at it's own cost, to design a scheme of whatever type and then put this before the Kent County Council with no guarantee that it will be approved.  If it is subsequently approved, it will be down to the Parish Council to fund the works.  The Parish Council has funds put aside, but nothing like enough to pay for any sort of traffic management scheme.  In the circumstances, it hardly seems worth undertaking a traffic survey. 

It seems that the only low cost option available is negotiation with Stagecoach in the hope of, perhaps, achieving some improvement in the situation.  The Parish Council is aware that the problem is not solely attributable to buses but, without a traffic management scheme, other vehicles cannot be regulated.  The Chairman has, therefore been authorised to meet with Stagecoach in order to discuss the shuttle bus idea that was raised at the public meeting.

The Chairman and Cllr G Mousley agreed to meet with Cllr Mrs L End at 10.30 am on Thursday 2nd June to discuss the overgrown shrubs and hedge growing through the fencing of the Nunnery. Cllr Mrs L End suggested that if the foliage were to be cut back a section of Lower Road could be widened to improve traffic flow. District Councillor Rose provided the Parish Councilors with an update regarding his external enquiries.

The Clerk provided costing’s for Amey to conduct a traffic and camera survey. The Parish councilors unanimously agreed to pursue this with KCC.

Finally an article will be placed in the next newsletter keeping parishioners up to date with progress.

d) Nature Sign Design – Fingerboard Signage – Pennock Plant Hire will install the new village sign during week ending 3rd June.

e) Log Replacement KG V Playing Field – Jacksons have quoted £35 for a close-grained timber log suitable for use as play equipment, replacing the balancing log removed last year. However none of the logs available fit the old brackets. As it would cost in the region of £1,400 to replace the balance log, it was decided not to pursue this any further.

f) Revised Quotation CCTV Guardian Security – The Parish Councillors accepted the new quotation provided by Guardian Security and instructed the Clerk to progress the project.

g) Hanging Basket Brackets/Summer Planting – The Clerk has contacted Wendy Boustead, Street Lighting Planned Works Team Leader, Highways, Transportation and Waste requesting a payment of £280 to replaced the lamppost planters removed by KCC last month. It was agreed that due to the bureaucracy surrounding the new permit attachment schemes applications, and the possibility that an application could still potentially be refused, two planters would be purchased as an alternative and sited in front of the players building.



75. Public Contribution Time

     Station Path, school path and the path up to the church is almost impassable. The Clerk will contact Network Rail. 


76. PCSO Mays’ Report

       No report


77. Planning & Decisions:

DOV/16/00559 | Erection of a single storey rear extension (existing lean-to structures to be demolished) | 46 Kearsney Avenue, Temple Ewell. – No objection

DOV/16/00498 | Erection of a single storey front extension and roof extension | Karnak, Kearsney Court, Temple Ewell. – No objection

DOV/15/00123/ Erection of ten semi-detached dwellings and creation of vehicular access and parking spaces (existing bungalow and garage to be demolished) (amended plans) Land at 191 and Forge Bungalow, London Road, Temple Ewell.  – Notification application is going to the planning committee.




78. Reports of County & District Councillor/Committees –

District Councillor Road provided a brief overview of events.



No report



The allotment committee met on Sunday 8th May. Three ‘tidy your allotment’s’ letters will be sent to tenants whose plots have become overgrown. The allotment manager will be asking allotment 22B to remove the recently planted Willow Tree. The only trees allowed must be grafted fruit trees. Temple Ewell Primary School has shown a keen interest in acquiring an allotment, public liability insurance will be sought once the tenancy has been received. A new small notice board is needed at the Dragon Wood entrance to the allotments, quotations will be sought for the next meeting in July.


Footpaths, Highways & Pavements

   No report


   Playing Field Report

Lighting of the Beacon 21st April – The Chairman reported that the lighting of the beacon for the Queens 90th birthday went and without any hitch, all in all it was a very pleasant evening. The Parish Council paid for parishioners hotdogs kindly provided & cooked by The Fox pub.


79. Correspondence

?Kier has been awarded a £24m contract by developer, Bond City, to deliver the £53m St James development in Dover town centre. The contract includes the construction of a six-screen cinema, hotel, restaurants, and shops. This forms part of the comprehensive redevelopment of the St James area to create 156,915 sq.ft of prime retail and leisure space in the high-profile location close to Europe’s busiest passenger port.

Pre-construction work on the site is already underway with piling works for the foundation of the cinema and restaurant complex due to start later this month. The main build is anticipated to be completed in Autumn 2017.

?Matthew Scott is the new Kent Police and Crime Commissioner.

He is extremely proud to have been elected and is determined to do a good job for everyone in Kent, by holding the police to account, making sure they give a good service and allowing the public to hold him to account, too. He promises to:

• Cut crime and reduce re-offending;

• Deliver value for money;

• Ensure there is visible, effective and dedicated policing;

• Put victims first;

• Tackle the misery caused by abuse, substance misuse and anti-social behaviour and;

• Revolutionise the way the police deal with those suffering with mental health issues.


80. Chairman’s Announcements

No announcements.


81. Events Committee

Cllr Mrs A Worton asked that the Parish Councils insurers be made aware of the rounder’s match due to be held on 24th July.

The Chairman expressed a wish to increase the event budget to £1,000 with the sole aim to provided two major events for the greater community to enjoy. It was proposed that the Clerk provide admin budget assistance and minute future meetings. These will now take place in the Baptist Hall half an hour before the main Parish Council meeting. An agenda item will be included in June The Chairman, Vice-Chairman and Cllr Mrs A Worton will discuss the event’s committee structure.


82. Clerks Financial Report, Statement of Accounts.

The statement of receipts and payments for March 2016 were presented to the Parish Council. Proposed by Cllr Mrs L End, seconded by Cllr Mrs S Pilcher and unanimously agreed.


83.Any Other Business


There being no further business, the meeting closed at 8.50pm.