Minutes January 2015


Clerk: J Coulson-Wright, 5 Dour Side, River, Dover, Kent CT17 0UX

Tel:  01304 820273   Email:  coulsonwright@aol.com  

website: www.templeewellpc.kentparishes.gov.uk

Minutes of the Temple Ewell Parish Council Meeting held on

Tuesday 27th January 2015, 7.15pm at Temple Ewell Baptist Church Hall





907.Present: Cllrs C Smithen (Chairman) I Dean, R Hamer, N Doherty, Mrs S Pilcher, Mrs A Worton, Mrs A Stacey, Mrs L End.


       Apologies: Cllrs G Mousley, Mrs A Newman


       In Attendance: Mrs J Coulson-Wright (Parish Clerk) Dist Cllr Lymer, PCSO May


908. Declarations of Interest

Councillors were invited to declare any agenda items in which they had a personal/prejudicial interest. Cllr Mrs A Worton declared an interest on item number 897 (c) KALC Community Awards. Cllr Mrs S Pilcher declared an interest on item number 916 Lower Car Park clearance, Mr Newington.


909. Minutes of Meeting held 25th November 2014

Proposed by Cllr Mrs L End seconded by Cllr Mrs A Worton, the minutes were then agreed as a correct record and signed by the Chairman.


910. Matters Arising from Minutes of last meeting:

New Play Equipment Proposals & Grant Funding Applications Update – The Clerk reported that Pennock Plant Hire has been instructed to remove the old play equipment, planned for Saturday 7th February. Two containers of wet pour rubber safety compound will be purchased prior to this date, for the necessary repairs. At the site meeting held in December 2014, two circular picnic benches were identified as the best option to replace the current climbing frame, the bespoke triple tower and basket swing will be installed on the playing field next to the climbing snake. Due to the recent wet weather Caledonia Play has provisionally set a date for the installation to take place during the first week in March. It was agreed that the Clerk and Cllr Mrs A Worton would plan and organise an official unveiling of the play equipment and celebrations.
Allotment Management – This will now be reviewed later in the year.
  KALC Community Awards Scheme– Final nominations have been received. The KALC Community Award is to acknowledge and give recognition to those that have made a significant contribution to their local community. The winner, who will be contacted in due course, will receive a certificate signed by the KALC Chairman and the High Sheriff of Kent, which will be presented by the Chairman at the Council’s Annual Meeting in 2015. Two other parishioners were also nominated and will receive a certificate on behalf of the Parish Council. Details will be published in the monthly newsletter.





Bus Service – To be discussed at the next meeting.
Handyman Review – Mr J P Wright has resigned as the village handyman. A job vacancy advert has been placed in the newsletter, notice board and website, closing date Friday 27th February 2015.  
Informative Board Dragon Wood – Three ‘Interpretation’ notice board options were presented to the Parish Council for their consideration. A substantial oak display board with additional etched oak panel and oak header was the preferred choice, this was the most expensive costing in the region of £1,800 + vat. The Clerk will contact other companies that supply similar looking boards, and obtain further quotations.
Precept 2015/16 – The Clerk confirmed that she has submitted the Parish Council precept demand to DDC. A small increase has been applied of 0.13% for Temple Ewell parishioners occupying a Band D property, equating to a 5 pence per year increase.
Grass Verge, London Road – KHS verbally agreed for bollards to be installed on London Road

However a week later the Clerk received an e-mail from Mr Charles Ohog, Technical Support Officer, who retracted these works stating that:

‘All requests which are received must be prioritised and KCC will only consider the provision of bollards in exceptional circumstances, where there is evidence of personal injury crashes being caused by inappropriate parking or vehicles overrunning the carriageway edge.

The crash record for London Road has been checked and there have been no recorded incidents in the last three years. This does not provide evidence of a safety problem and therefore this location will not gain priority funding at present. If drivers are using the road inappropriately or creating obstruction to the highway by parking on the footways then this is a matter for the police to deal with using their existing powers and such matters can be reported to them on their non-emergency number 101.

There is the opportunity for the local community to influence where improvements should happen regardless of the above safety critical policy. If the local community support proposals put forward and have evidence to support the issues raised then KCC will take this on board. Therefore if you wish to pursue this matter, support is gained from the local community with the local County Councillor and Parish/Borough Council aware of the procedures on how to take proposals forward if supported’.

The Clerk immediately contacted Mr Ohog to discuss his e-mail and explained that the local PCSO, Parish Council and District Councillor had already been informed of the situation, plus reiterated that KHS had been made aware of this during initial conversations, hence the disappointment in receiving his e-mail.  Strangely Mr Ohog could not remember sending his e-mail, nor its content, however he agreed to speak with his supervisor. His supervisor (no name provided) advised that London Road does not meet KHS criteria to install bollards, but the Parish Council can gain support from their residents in the form of a petition of some sort of association in support of this proposal. The Clerk has been instructed to organise a site meeting with KHS to establish if they would be agreeable for the Parish Council to purchase and install their own bollards. Parishioners in attendance supported this proposal.






911.Public Contribution Time

     Mr R Parks has kindly agreed to pay for and replace the old wooden bench with a new oak version in memory of a family member, on London Road. The Parish Council thanked MR Parks for his generosity.

     Parishioners supported the Parish Council on their proposal to install bollards on the London Road.


 912. PCSO Mays’ Report

 PCSO May will let the police night team know that the George & Dragon car park has become a hot spot for late night drinking.


 913. Planning & Decisions:

To note decisions made by DDC:

DOV/14/00924 – Proposal: Erection of a two storey building to accommodate four classrooms (existing mobile classroom to be demolished (re-advertisement)

Location: Temple Ewell Primary School, Brookside, Temple Ewell, CT16 3DT – Granted

DOV/14/00781 – Proposal: Erection of three terraced dwellings, construction of vehicular  access, associated parking (existing dwelling to be demolished) and creation of passing bays Location: 25 Brookside and Land opposite, Temple Ewell, CT16 3DW – Refused.



914. Reports of District Councillor/Committees –

Dist Cllr Lymer reported that KHS has overlooked the replacement of the streetlight in the   George & Dragon car park and have now re-added it to their schedule list. The Chairman expressed his disappointment in that the Parish Council has been waiting for over two years for a new light. Parishioners cannot be expected to use the car park if it is inadequately lit and their safety is compromised.

Kent County Council has announced plans to convert its 120,000 streetlights to more efficient LED lighting. This will reduce its street lighting energy bill by around 60% and let it return every residential area to all-night lighting. A current trial scheme to switch off many lights overnight has proved unpopular with many residents. Dist Cllr Lymer was questioned over the recent press stating that crime was on the increase since the streetlight turn off scheme was introduced. He confirmed that this was not the case. Cllr Mrs A Stacey shared her concern for the drivers of vehicles that may break down in the districts unlit areas, explaining that they would be difficult to see making them extremely vulnerable for collision from other vehicles.  Dist Cllr Lymer believed that this was not an issue as most cars have reflective lights installed as standard.


The Village Walk – Cllr A Worton reported that the village walk was a success, however a number of public footpaths were found to be impassable for the walkers due to the extensive rutting that appears to be caused by 'off road' vehicles/bikes. A few areas were completely overgrown and inaccessible and stiles unused due to bramble growth. These and other observations have been reported KHS by Mrs J Olpin, and a reference number obtained.

Historic Village Notice board –The historic sign has still not been update as per Jon Iverson’s’ guideline ‘By the New Year’. He will request that a copy of the new graphics is sent to the Clerk for Parish Council approval.


Management – The allotment administration and management will be reviewed later in the year.


Footpaths, Highways & Pavements

     Manhole Cover, Alkham Valley – Cllr Mrs L End contacted the Clerk regarding a loose and noisy manhole cover located on the Alkham Valley. This has been mended. No further action.


     Playing Field Report

     English Landscapes instructed their team to provide an additional gang mow of the King George V playing field during the winter months.


  915. Correspondence

Semi Automatic External Defibrillator – The Clerk recommended that Parish Councillors consider purchasing an external defibrillator for community use. The new defibrillators are fully automatic, gives complete voice prompts on use, and will not administer a shock to anyone not needing one. The scientific evidence to support early defibrillation is overwhelming; the delay from collapse to delivery of the first shock is the single most important determinant of survival. If defibrillation is delivered promptly, survival rates as high as 75% have been reported. The Parish Council agreed in principle that a defibrillator would be an asset for the village, however more information would be required before a decision could be made. The Clerk will contact John River and invite him to speak at this years APM.

Parks for People – Dover District Council has received initial support from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) and the Big Lottery Fund for a major restoration of both Kearsney Abbey and Russell Gardens.

The project aims to unlock the heritage, tourism and community value of the most popular parks in the Dover district by:

 Restoring a rare example of garden design in Russell Gardens by the renowned Edwardian landscape architect, Thomas Mawson, and promoting it as a major attraction
 Restoring the Festival of Britain open air theatre in Kearsney Abbey to bring new audiences to the parks and to host community events
 Interpreting the parks’ heritage and celebrating links with Dover’s industrial past and the mills of the River Dour
 Extending the café in Kearsney Abbey to create a multi-use venue with facilities to support new volunteering, training, and education programmes, and for events hire
 Providing opportunities for people to get involved through volunteering, and for the community to take greater ownership by creating a ‘Friends of Kearsney’ group
 Improving sustainable travel/access to, between, and within the parks, and

Raising standards to achieve ‘Green Flag’ status

DDC Election Staff – Dover Distirct Council are recruiting staff for this year elections. Three Parish Councillors showed an interest, and requested an application form from the Clerk.

Resident Letter, Property Development.  – A parishioner wrote to the Parish Council enquiring if they would consider selling a wide strip of land, from the George & Dragon car park. He is considering developing his property, but accepts that he would be required by Dover District planning to provide adequate parking for the property, hence the need to purchase additional land. The Parish Councillors will visit the site in question to gain a more informative view and will discuss this item at their next meeting.


916.Chairman’s Announcements

The Chairman wrote to the primary school Head teacher on behalf of the Parish Council congratulating her for the remarkable achievements of the school in recent appraisals. They sit at the top of the league table in Kent and near the top in the country, which is a magnificent result for a small village school.

Permission was granted for the Town Mayor to wear the chain of office in Temple Ewell on 10th February 2015. A local shopkeeper in Tower Hamlets is taking over the village Post Office. The Town Mayor will attend for the official opening.

Mr Bob Newington has provided a quotation of £200 to tackle the overgrown shrubs in the lower car park; this price includes the removal of debris from site. It will take two people a day to clear the vegetation. It was proposed by Cllr Mrs A Worton, seconded by Cllr Mrs L End.


917.Events Committee

 Cllr Mrs A Worton reported that there is nothing currently on the events committee agenda so far this year, except for the new play equipment celebrations.


  918. Clerks Financial Report, Statement of Accounts.

  The statements of receipts & payments will be presented to the Parish Council at their next meeting.


    919. Any Other Business

 Cllr Mrs S Pilcher reminded the Clerk that the drain outside of Leads garage is still blocked, KHS will be informed.


There being no further business, the meeting closed at 8.40pm.