Freedom of Information Act

Temple Ewell Parish Council

Publication Scheme

Complying with the Freedom of Information Act, the following information is available on

The Temple Ewell Parish Council

Or from the Parish Clerk, by appointment only.















What We Spend and How We Spend It

·         Annual return form –  Held by the Clerk

·         Annual Statutory report by auditor – Clerk

·         Precept request –  Clerk

·         Members travel –  Clerk

·         Loans sanctioned –  Clerk

·         Financial Standing Orders and Regulations – Website (Parish Standing Order)*


What Our Priorities Are and How We Are Doing

·         Parish Plan – 2005

·         Annual Report to Parish or Community Meeting – Clerk

·         Best Value Performance Plan – Website

·         Best Value Inspection reports – Website

·         Policy Statements issued by council – Website (PSO)*

·         Responses to Consultation papers – Clerk


How We Make Decisions

·         Timetable of meetings – Website

·         Agendas – Parish notice board & Website

·         Responses to planning applications – Website (in council minutes)

·         Procedural Standing Orders – Website

·         Members Register of Interests – Clerk

·         Minutes of council and council sub-committee meetings  – Website


Our Policies and Procedures

·         Policies and Procedures for the Conduct of council Business – Website (PSO)*

·         Policies and Procedures for the Provision of Services – Website (PSO)*

·         Policies and procedures about employment of staff – Website (PSO)*


Lists and Registers

·         Any publicly available register or list – Dover District Council

·         List of assets – Clerk

The Services We Offer

·         Parks and Playing Fields  – King George V Playing Fields

·         Seating, litter bins –  King George V Playing Fields

·         Allotments


Schedule Of Charges

·         Photocopying @ 10p per sheet black & White

  • Postage actual cost of Royal Mail Standard  2nd class






Location and Accessibility Details

Some information will be available on the Temple Ewell Parish Council website. In exceptional circumstances some information may be available only by viewing in person. In this situation an appointment should be made with the Parish Clerk.

Contact Details – Parish Clerk




Staffing Structure

Part time Parish Clerk/Responsible Financial Officer