New Play Equipment

Temple Ewell Parish Council has completed the final phase of the new and exciting play equipment on their King George V Playing Field. Judging by the amount of after-school activity of youngsters keen to try it out, the equipment appears to be a great success already.

Through a series of consultations with the primary school children, the most popular pieces of equipment were identified – Monkey Bar Rings – Hanging Tyres – Traversing Net – Wobbly Bridge, and have now been added to the already well-used play equipment, which was installed back in 2015:


The Parish Council wanted a playground that would provide enjoyment, stimulation and imaginative play for many years to come. Natural features were also considered to stimulate children’s senses. The Clerk had successfully secured £2,000 of grant funding from Kent County Council back in September towards the project. Cllr Miss Beth White liaised with Temple Ewell Schools PTA on behalf of the Parish Council and obtained an additional grant of £1,500.

We hope that these improvements will promote a good sense of community for our children and families of the village and future generations to come.